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Freshman Football Program Details

Freshman Football Program

Coach Brad Page and his staff are finalizing the details of the upcoming Freshman Football season. Details will be posted here. Check back soon...



Freshman Team Manager/Mom is Laura Fosburg (click here to email the Freshman Team)

All communications regarding the Freshman Program should go to Laura Fosburg.


Let's go Firebirds!!!

2020 Frosh Program Notes


  • Frosh (incoming freshman class of 2024)Wednesday, June 3rd 6-8pm – Coach Page, Coach Barnes, Aaron Minor, and John Springfield will lead the discussion around schedule, calendar, summer workouts, etc.  Conference call / dial-in instructions to be sent separately.

Assuming SUSD, CHS, etc. opens the field, weight room, and certain facilities; our summer schedule will be the following:

  • Bonus OPEN Weeks using the times below are available for the week of June 1st and June 29th, but theses are OPEN w/ no coaches, but will have trainers – NOT MANDATORY
  • June 8th (for next 3 weeks) - Summer Workouts – D1 with 2 groups w/ 3 sessions
    • Class of 2023 & 2024 – Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday - Each player will need to register for one of the 1-hour sessions below. 
      • 7 – 8am
      • 12 – 1pm
      • 2 – 3pm
  • June 27th (Saturday) - VACATION - Week leading to July 4th optional workout for athletes in town
  • July 6th (3 weeks) - Summer Workouts Continue - 
  • July 25th - Picture Day 6am - Varsity, JV, and Frosh (in this order)
  • July 27th - Team Meeting (mandatory, assuming Camp)
  • July 27th - 30th – UC Camp – "Camp T" in Payson (details pending)

The football fields & facilities for SUSD do not open up until Monday, June 29th where we suspect the schedule will change a bit once we get back from July 4th vacation/off week. 

Summer workout and UC camp will be managed and run by Scottsdale Training Academy (STA). Schedule that begins June 8th  and managed by John Springfield

There seems to be a lot of moving parts especially this year, which is no one’s fault of course; however, to ensure you have access to the right people to get your questions answered here is a list of who to go to for specific questions.

Football Program Related – Please go to these coaches for any questions around “football” for things such as practice, scheduling, player inquiries, games, coaching inquiries, teams, player/position, etc.

Scottsdale Training Academy – Official training partner for the Firebird family including all area middle school students.  Spring training, Spring Ball, Summer Strength & Conditioning, Frosh and UC camps (during non-COVID-19 times) are managed through Scottsdale Training Academy (STA).

Booster Club Related – Please go to the booster club board for questions relating to fundraising activities, corporate sponsorships, community services, merchandise, and general booster club NON-football team items

There of course are lots of details around schedule of practices/work-outs for the three weeks in June and July that will be shared as part of the two separate meetings above.  This of course is subject to change given health guidelines as mandated by the Governor, SUSD, CHS, etc.

For actual “football related” questions around schedules, teams, coaches, etc. questions please feel free to reach out to Coach Page directly at

Thank You,

Aaron Minor
CFFF Board President

Chaparral Football - Frosh

Team Resources:

SUSD Field Access – Mandatory Waiver - required before player can step on the field

SUSD Field Access – Mandatory Waiver attached! 

By now everyone should have registered, or be registering, through SUSD Community Education for June and July.  The cost is $20 each month and the attached waiver will be mandatory (along with registration) for access to the Chaparral campus.  Note: Chaparral Football, has no control of this process, this is a decision made by SUSD. 


SUSD Register My Athlete

Register My Athlete (RMA) and Physicals – AIA Physical Form  

To participate in Fall Sports you must register through Register My Athlete (RMA), registration is due when team practice begins in late July.  More information will be shared from the coaches to the athletes about exact due dates.   

2020 AIA Physical Form is available online by Clicking Here 

REgister My athlete REGISTRATION